Study Dentistry in UAE from Nigeria – Benefits, Top Universities, Fees, Scholarships, Visa, Requirements, How to Apply

Study Dentistry in UAE – The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, is made up of seven states or emirates, and the most well-known are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The UAE is an oil-producing Arab country in the gulf and it has managed to use its oil wealth to invest in its educational infrastructure and also raise the standard of living of its citizens.

Because of the wealth and rapid development in the country, foreign students have been attracted to study in its universities. One of the courses international students can study in the UAE is dentistry.

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Advantages and benefits of studying dentistry in the UAE

  • High standard of education’
  • A touristy country with a lot to see and explore
  • You can learn a lot about Islam and the Arabic culture and language
  • Get immersed in the local Arabic culture and learn something new
  • Universities in the UAE are of the highest standards
  • High standard of living in the UAE
  • Meet people from all nationalities around the world

Language of delivery

While Arabic is the official language in the UAE, most universities use English as the language of instruction in select courses due to the predominance of foreign students in the schools.


Top universities to Study Dentistry in UAE

The UAE has its own universities, as well as branches of foreign universities, mostly British, French and American, operating across the country. Here is a list of universities offering dentistry degrees in the UAE:

  • Ajman University
  • Gulf Medical University
  • RAK Medical And Health Sciences University
  • University Of Sharjah
  • European University College Brussels Dubai

Cost of studying Dentistry in UAE

Tuition fees vary across universities in Dubai. For example, RAK Medical And Health Sciences University charges 21,780.40 for dentistry while European University College Brussels Dubai charges around  9,528.92 for the same program.

Dentistry Admission Requirments in UAE for Nigerian Students

As a Nigerian students who wish to study dentistry in the UAE, here are the general admission requirements:

  • For a first degree in dentistry: you must complete secondary education, obtaining senior secondary certificate (WAEC/NECO/GCE or their international equivalents) with credit level grades in the science subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, plus mathematics and English language;
  • For master’s degree in any branch of dentistry: A bachelor’s degree in dentistry is required, plus a written CV, statement of purpose (SOP), and letter of good conduct from a former teacher.
  • If you wish to study in English, then you have to show proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Most universities in the UAE will make you take an entrance examination to ascertain your eligibility for admission.


UAE Student Visa Requirements and Application process

For international students who wish to study dentistry in the UAE, you will need a student visa. Below are the list of documents to submit at the local UAE embassy in your home country:

  • Current passport (valid for the next six months and blank pages on each side of the visa)
  • For masters students: academic transcripts, undergraduate degree results, statement of purpose, a short cv, and a letter of recommendation from a referee
  • Two Passport photographs
  • Proof of tuition fee payment (or evidence of scholarship)
  • Detailed Proof of accommodation in the UAE
  • letter of acceptance in a recognized university in the UAE
  • Health insurance (at least up to €30,000)
  • Visa application fee
  • Proof of your relationship with your parents
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself while in the UAE
  • Proof or parental consent


Scholarships available

Some universities the UAE offer scholarships to international students who meet the criteria. To find out more about the scholarship options available, visit each of the websites of the universities concerned and search for more information on this.


Duration of study

A bachelor degree in dentistry in the UAE takes 5 years of study to finish. For a Master’s programs, it usually takes around (2 years) while a PhD programs takes around (3 years) or more.

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