How to get graphic designer jobs online in Nigeria

Freelance graphic designing has grown quite popular over the last couple of years with the advent of online digital platforms where graphic designers and prospective clients can easily reach out to each other and do business. These online digital platforms afford graphic designers the freedom and flexibility that a conventional full-time job wouldn’t. Graphic designers who take advantage of these platforms are able to work from a remote area without necessarily meeting clients face-to-face, get regular stream of work, and choose their preferred pay-rates. ┬áToday, millions of graphic designers have taken advantage of these digital platforms and earning regular from gigs they get from there. While being a freelance graphic designer is not all rosy, especially at the very beginning, there’s no doubt that it opens up a number of opportunities for you to earn regularly. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with a list of some of the top online platforms where you can find freelance graphic designing jobs and earn regularly.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms in the world today where freelancers can connect with prospective clients and get gigs. With about 10 million freelancers connecting with over 4 million clients on the platform for freelance jobs, Upwork provides you with multiple opportunities to earn from your craft as a graphic designer. At Upwork, you’ll be required to create a profile with a catchy description of what you offer as a freelance graphic designer in order to get jobs. Your profile is sort-of like your CV, and is the first thing clients will see that will give them a feel of what you offer. On the platform, you can bid for gigs you feel are within your capacity, or you can have clients hit you up with gigs they want you to handle for them. Like all freelance platforms, you have the freedom to choose your pay rate, although as a startup freelancer with little experience, it’s advisable you start with a low pay-rate.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr joins Upwork as one of the most popular freelance platforms to connect with prospective clients and get freelance gigs. Like Upwork, you’ll need a profile on Fiverr with a description of what you can do as a freelance graphic designer. You can also create tasks or services that you can perform as a graphic designer and have clients contact you with jobs. Also, you can send in bids and proposals to clients if you see a gig that interests you. Fiverr freelancers can also select their preferred pay-rates.

3. Freelancer

This is another very popular freelance platform like Upwork and Fiverr. Like the aforementioned two freelance platforms, you’re required to create a profile on Freelancer with your educational qualification, professional experience, and other information relevant to your profession as a graphic designer. It is important you’re creative with your profile, as this will contribute to how often you get gigs. Also, Freelancer offers both free and paid versions to their members, with members on the paid version getting an exclusive listing on the platform. There are also paid skill tests for freelancers on the platform, and participants who pass these tests stand higher chances of getting gigs. Contests are also run by clients in order to select the best graphic designers to handle their gigs.

4. 99designs

This is a very popular freelance platform specifically for graphic designers. One of the things that make 99designs standout from all other freelance platforms is the fact that it is highly competitive. This is because gigs on the platform are gotten through a format that is somewhat like a contest. On 99designs, the client posts a gig and interested freelancers bid for it in a contest-like manner, with the client eventually picking the winner. The competitive nature of the platform means it is usually not recommended for beginners, because some of the graphic designers registered there are very good. However, you can still give it a try.

5. Designhill

DesignHill is an Indian based freelance graphic designing platform with a global reputation for connecting freelance graphic designers with prospective clients, and giving them an environment to do business together. As usual, freelancers who wish to work on this platform are required to create and submit a profile and portfolio for themselves. Their being registered on this platform is subject to the approval of their profile and portfolio. Gigs are also gotten on this platform in a contest-like manner. Payment on DesignHill is through PayPal or Payoneer.

6. PeopleHour

PeopleHour is a global freelance platform that connects freelancers with prospective clients from across the world. Gigs on PeopleHour are awarded through a bidding process, with clients posting job descriptions on the platform and freelancers bidding for them. Freelance graphic designers can also post hourlies of the services they offer and get contacted by clients. Gigs are awarded to freelancers on the platform based on their profiles, ratings, client feedback, proposals, and quotations.

7. Guru

Guru is another freelance platform that selects their graphic designers based on qualification, skill tests, and portfolios. Freelance graphic designers on guru are required to upload their portfolio, and they get contacted by clients based on the information they provide. Also, they’re given 10 bids per month which they can use to apply for gigs. They can choose to purchase additional bids as well. Guru has various paid membership plans which can be purchased by freelancers on the platform. These plans increase the chances of getting projects, as such, graphic designers on paid membership plans get more gigs than others. Their commission percentages are also reduced based on their membership plans and they get to take skill tests for free.

8. Smashing jobs

This is a digital platform owned by smashing magazine – a top graphic design magazine. They’re said to have over 4 million registered worldwide users, and have connected freelancers with notable clients like Nokia, Amazon, Sony, and Mercedes. Alongside graphic designing gigs, they also offer freelance programming gigs as well.


Online digital platforms have opened ┬ánumerous doors of opportunities for freelance graphic designers across the world. They provide a platform for freelancers and clients to meet and do business with a freedom and flexibility that makes doing business exciting. If you’re a graphic designer looking to earn from your craft, the aforementioned platforms are open to you to sell your craft. Has this article been helpful? Let us know.

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