10 Most Highly Demanded And Lucrative A Level Courses In Nigeria

Looking to study abroad? Keep reading to find out the requirements you should have in order to complete your application.

Before we begin, you might be wondering what A-level courses are. Well, A level courses are internationally recognized certifications that are prerequisite for university programs (both Undergraduate and Graduate) and professional training opportunities. Ever seen a post about studying in a university abroad? Below is something you might see under the section for international students:

“Submit an International TOEFL iBT exam score or academic IELTS exam score as per cut-off scores for AUC graduate admissions.”

Those certifications listed above, (IELTS &TOEFEL) are the eligibility criteria for you to be able to acquire the scholarships.

Now of course A-level courses aren’t limited to just TOEFL and IELTS. What you’re trying to achieve will determine the course and examination you take. For example, prospective undergraduates can make use of the Cambridge A-levels to gain admission directly into the second year of a university of their choosing.

There are a plethora of courses out there but in this article, I’m going to focus on the highly demanded ones and the benefits of acquiring one or more of these.

10 Most Highly Demanded And Lucrative A Level Courses In Nigeria

Let’s begin…

1. SAT

A lot of secondary school graduates prefer the standard of education abroad. Where the adventures of ASUU and the federal government won’t delay them from graduating as at when due. If you’re among, this test is for you. A lot of people dread SATs due to the number you have to achieve to be guaranteed admission. The full meaning of the test is Scholastic Aptitude Test and it is a standardized test, widely used for University (college) admissions in the U.S.A. This test was introduced in 1926 by the College Board and if you’re looking to study as an undergraduate, you’ll need to take this test because most schools insist on having your test scores before you can apply. Candidates are evaluated in their knowledge of writing, critical reading, and mathematics for 3 hours.


These are qualifications that provide candidates with excellent preparation for university education. Those interested are given a wide range of subjects to choose from and are advised to choose the subjects that are in line with the courses they wish to study at the university. The curriculum is advanced from that of your everyday secondary school and that’s why successful candidates of the exam are granted admission into the second year of the University of their Choice here in Nigeria. It is also, an added advantage when applying for undergraduate courses abroad and scholarships. The registration fee is N20, 000 and it has no expiry date.


This is the brother to IELTS. The two are the major English-language tests in the world today. The acronym simply means, “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. It was developed by an American company, ETS to measure an individual’s reading, speaking, writing, and listening proficiency in American English. The scoring scale is from 0-9. The TOEFL iBT fee is $185 and its validity is for two years only after which you won’t be able to access them online


The IELTS exam measures English language proficiency. The term stands for the International English language testing system. If you’re looking at working or studying in a place where English is used as the language of the common folk then you must pass this exam. The exam is scored on a scale of nine with each number corresponding to a specified competence in English. You will be accessed on the following; Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. The fee is subject to the dollar exchange rate but last I checked, it costs N75,000. To take IELTS, you must first prepare. There are coaching centers around the country which will help increase your chances of passing the exam. Although, the exam doesn’t have a limited number of trials the result of the exam is valid for two years just like TOEFL.

5. PTE

The meaning of PTE is “Pearson Tests of English.” The examination is a computer-based English language test accepted by educational institutions around the world. It’s similar to the IELTS exam. Some countries require you to take this exam if you’re looking to study or immigrate to their country, to prove your English language competency. The academic exam is three for three hours and tested for day-to-day English. Just like IELTS, it ensures a better understanding of English Proficiency. The registration fee is N65, 000 here in Nigeria and the result is valid up to two years.

6. GRE

This means Graduate Record Examination and it is like the SAT for graduate schools in U.S.A and Canada. It was introduced in 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of teaching. So, if you’re looking to further your studies abroad with a Master’s degree, Ph.D., or both, many universities in the above countries will demand this from you during your application process, so it wouldn’t hurt if you make sure it’s handy before you start applying. The test consists of Analytical Writing, Quantitative reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. Its validity is for 5 years and the fee is $215. You have the option of taking it to a center or home if you prefer.


if you’re looking to get an MBA, this exam is for you. The Graduate management admission test is an assessment of the skills which you ought to have for a successful career in business. It consists of four sections which include, Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated assessment, Quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. The test takes three and a half hours to complete with two optional breaks at intervals. The test cost’s $250 and it is valid for up to five years.


This one is for the Lawyers in our midst. LSAT is the Law School Admission Test and it is an essential part of law school admission in the USA, Canada, and other countries. LSAT tests the skills necessary for law school success. Those skills include reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing, and the results from the test help decide who makes the cut into the school. The registration fee is $180 and the scores are valid for 5 years.


This stands for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. For those of us in the field, it certifies that you are a first-grade nurse and it is a must for those looking to migrate to the USA. The program is of three parts: A review of the nurse’s education, registration, and license; the CGFNS Qualifying Exam which tests the nurse’s knowledge; and an English language proficiency exam. If successful in all, the applicant is awarded a CGFNS Certificate.


It’s no secret that Nigerian doctors leave by the thousands every year to find greener pastures. Before they can practice as doctors abroad, they need to acquire the license to practice and as such, they need to pass this examination first. If you don’t know, USMLE stands for “United States Medical Licensing examination”.

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