5 Best Career Opportunities for Computer Science Degree Holders in Nigeria

Computer science is the study of computer systems and computer technology. It is the systematic study of all the hardware and software components of computer systems, as well as the theories and algorithms that computer systems use in processing data and information.

Drawing knowledge from other fields of study like engineering, mathematics, and statistics, computer science is a broad field with diverse specialized areas, each dealing with a specific aspect of computer software and hardware technology.

Among the various specialized areas of computer science are Artificial Intelligence (AI), software development, computer networking, computer engineering, mobile development, Robotics, web development, cryptography, bioinformatics, design databases, data management, parallel programming, computational physics, digital image/sound, iOS development, and memory systems. Computer scientists are therefore skilled in the design, operation, and maintenance of computer hardware and software systems.

Computer science is one of the most popular career choices among Nigeria students, especially those who are tech geeks. The excitement and thrill of working with technology is obviously the major selling point of computer science. Software development, web development, and artificial intelligence are major favorites among prospective computer science students in Nigeria.

There is a sort-of reverence that comes with studying computer science in the country, as students who opt for the course option, especially those who are into computer programming, are regarded as geniuses and tech whizzes.

The broad nature of the field and how complicated it is – since it draws much of its knowledge from the aforementioned mathematics, engineering, and statistics – are the main reasons computer science students are so highly regarded.

Also, the digital tech boom in the world today, especially in artificial intelligence, robotics, and software development, as well as the growth of the internet has seen computer science rise to the top of the food chain among career choices that are in high demand in the labour market.

Computer scientists are now needed in virtually every major corporation across the globe. The lucrative nature of computer science as a career is another reason thousands of students across the country opt for it as their preferred career path.

Skills needed to be a computer scientist

Despite it’s theoretical aspects, Computer science is a very practical field. As such, computer scientists use a hands-on approach towards carrying out computer operations. The practical nature of the field is one of the reasons computer science is a very exciting field of study. Critical thinking, systematic research, and statistical analysis are some of the practical skills computer scientists use daily in handling computer operations. Briefly, we’ll list out some other skills computer scientists make use of on the job;

  • Classifying/systemizing
  • Problem solving skills
  • Organizing skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Mathematical and quantitative analysis
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Programming/coding skills
  • Efficiency
  • Teamwork

Career opportunities and places to work with a computer science degree in Nigeria

In today’s tech-driven world, opportunities abound for computer science graduates in the labour market, especially as digital technology has found its way into the business world. Businesses across the globe and in Nigeria now rely greatly on digital technology more than ever before, and as such, there is a growing need for computer science graduates with the literacy and skill to handle the tech side of the business for these business corporation. Software development, Web development, Computer networking, and database management are among the various areas where the technical know-how of computer engineers are needed in today’s business world. Very quickly, we’ll list out organisations and business that require the services of computer engineers;

  • ICT training centers – Various ICT schools and training centers across the country require the services of highly trained computer scientists to either tutor their students or handle more complex tech-related duties within their setup. Computer science graduates who are skilled at software engineering, programming, and computer networking are the most sought after by these institutions. In these institutions they can serve as software developer, database manager, computer engineer and testing specialist, web developer, as well as a tutor in any of the specialized areas in computer science.
  • Banks and financial institutions – With digital technology finding its way into the business world in Nigeria, electronic and computerized banking is now more in vogue. As such, Banks and financial institutions are now in search of skilled computer scientists who can handle the tech side of the business. Opportunities are available for computer scientists in Banks and financial institutions in Web development, software development, computer networking, database management, system analysis, and digital marketing.
  • Tech start-ups/organisations – Tech start-ups and organisations across Nigeria all require the services of skilled computer engineers to serve as software developers, web developers, database managers, Artificial intelligence programmer, Robotics programmer, and computer aided-design technicians.
  • Manufacturing industries – Manufacturing industries also need the services of computer engineers, with automated machines now more in use in the manufacturing world than ever before.
  • Secondary schools and universities – Computer science graduates can also find opportunities as teachers and lecturers in secondary schools and universities in Nigeria respectively. Most secondary schools and universities in Nigeria also have ICT facilities that require the services of computer scientists to run them. In universities, they can as well server as web developers, software engineers, database engineer, and computer network engineer.


Computerized technology has found its way into virtually every sphere of human endeavor in today’s world. As such, the needed for highly skilled computer scientists has increased, and with the continuous growth of computerized technology in today’s world, that need is sure to increase even further. As such, deciding to pursue a career in computer science is definitely a smart choice, as opportunities abound for you all across the labour market. Software development, web development, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Mobile development, database management, computer networking, cryptography, biometrics, and bioinformatics are just some of the areas in computer science where opportunities abound for you. We hope this article has been helpful in informing you about opportunities for computer science graduates in Nigeria. Let us know in the comment section.

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